Easter 2018

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The story of Easter is long, but most of us recognises it as one of the biggest Christian Holidays.

The name Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon name for April, Eostermunath.The date of Easter couldn’t be decided upon, so since 325, upon the decision made by Nicean Council, Easter falls to be on the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox.

Good Friday is the day of the week when Jesus was crucified. On that day many Australians eat hot cross buns. Cross buns with the cross representing the cross of Jesus were first mentioned in the 18th century. In the early 19th century people sold hot cross buns in the street from stalls and so they became known as ‘hot’ cross buns.

What is interesting, the Easter bunny was originally a hare because hares were fertility symbols in the pagan religion and they continued to be associated with Easter after people were converted to Christianity. Because people in the USA were unfamiliar with hares the Easter hare became a rabbit.

In the Middle Ages Christians were forbidden to eat eggs during Lent (the forty days before Easter). Not surprisingly people were keen to eat eggs when Easter arrived! Some people also said that the egg represented the tomb of Jesus (Although long before Christianity eggs were a pagan symbol of fertility).

In the Middle Ages people painted Easter eggs red but by the 18th century people bought artificial eggs made of various materials to give as gifts at Easter. Chocolate Easter eggs were first made in the 19th century.


However you want to spend and celebrate Your Easter we hope you will spend it together with those, who are close to your heart.

Happy Easter from Get Your Own!

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